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All the benefits of Thai Massage

Massage therapy has multiple health benefits that are recognized universally and people

across book online and reap the benefits of a good massage.

Thai Massage has been proven to ease stress and make a person feel relaxed. But what

is the difference between an everyday massage and a Thai massage? How is it more unique?

What is Thai massage?

A traditional Thai massage is a very ancient healing practice that requires active participation

compared to other types of massages. Thai massage has elements like yoga; hence it is also

called a lazy person’s massage. It is guided by the therapist, and you are told to maneuver

your limbs in different positions. Just like yoga, so you can benefit from the muscle

compression, acupressure, and joint metabolism.

Thai massage uses gentle and strong pressure along with stretching techniques to relax the

whole body.

Health Benefits of Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage has multiple health benefits and is proven to be helpful

Deep Relaxation and Aids in Sleep

Thai massage therapy is very relaxing. When stretching techniques are combined with gentle

pressure by the massage therapist, it relaxes the whole body.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Thai massage stimulates the circulation of blood and the lymph circulation using the

stretches. It fills the tissues of the body with oxygen and promotes growth of the cell.

Eventually leading to good heart health.

Relieves Stress

Thai massage reduces certain stress maker levels that are present in the saliva, known as

sAA. The research also concluded that Thai massage is better in alleviating stress in healthy

people compared to just resting it out.

Better Sleep Quality

Since Thai massage lowers stress, it can boost relaxation. It isn’t a surprise that it also aids in

a good night’s sleep. The US National Institute of Health says that Thai massage therapy can

also help in fighting fatigue and in improving the quality of sleep.

Headache and Tension Relief

Thai massage is very effective on stress and on people who suffer from tension headaches.

Moreover, Thai massage therapy also eases the symptoms of migraine.

Muscle Tension Reduction

Thai massage has movements like yoga that has proven to have positive effects on stiffness in

the body. Nevertheless, movement and motion are also improved with time.

Better Athletic Performance

Athletes suffer from chronic fatigue and muscle tension which can be relieved with Thai

massage therapy.

Are there any side effects of Thai massage?

Traditional Thai massage does have some side effects that you should know of. There may be

redness on the skin after the massage. However, it is normal and disappears after some time.

Moreover, you may also feel dizzy after the massage, but the therapist will let you sit for

some time before you can go home or drive.

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