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Are you worried about back pain? Massage Therapy

It can take weeks to recover from back pain. However, to ease the pain, you can find any massage therapy in Brussels where they follow a conservative treatment plan, for example, anti-inflammatory pain relievers, physical therapy, exercise, and waiting for the body to heal naturally.

When massage therapy is a part of the plan, it can reduce your pain and help you in returning to normal activities.

Does Massage Therapy Help?

A lot of published research papers demonstrate that a massage can help with back pain. Research supports that shape care therapy can be effective in persistent low back pain and provides long-lasting benefits. Back massage has the following benefits

  • Eliminates and reduces pain

  • Tight muscles are relaxed

  • Blood circulation is improved

  • It eases the effects of stress and anxiety

  • Enables a person to return to their daily activities faster

  • Supplements conservative treatments, for example, anti-inflammatory and heating pads

A physical or massage therapist at Shape Care therapy can provide you with a therapeutic massage. Other treatment plans include activities like stretching and exercise. If the lower back pain is due to muscle pain, you can easily book a therapist online through Shape Care therapy. Muscle strain massage can help with pain relief.

Types of Massage

There are two types of massage, which are structural and whole-body massage.

A whole-body massage is for general relaxation. The spine technique targets specific muscles and connective tissue. They are called structural massages. Structural massages target the muscles of the buttocks to the neck. It is very effective in relieving lower back pain.

Some of the massage styles are for the whole-body area. However, whichever massage you choose, all are supposed to relieve pain. Moreover, the technique of the massage in Brussels depends on the pain and preference of the patient.

The types of massage are

  • Swedish massage

  • Shiatsu massage

  • Trigger point massage

  • Deep tissue massage

There are other styles of massage too, which are sports massage, and reflexology. However, the ones that have been listed are the most common types. People who suffer from back pain can benefit from massage therapy. It helps in relieving the pain. There is no fixed number of sessions needed; it is different for everyone, as per their needs.


The general agreement regarding massage therapy in Brussels is that it can help in alleviating muscle tension. It also restores the working of the muscles in the lower back. Spine massage is usually done with a combination of other treatments. The other treatments are over-the-counter painkillers, exercise, medication, physical therapy, and improvement in posture. You should always consult your doctor alongside massage therapy so that you can plan a treatment method based on your condition.

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