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Face massage is a skincare must-have

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years but has evolved significantly

over the past few years. Today, if you need a massage, you can choose for 80 different

therapy styles catering to a wide variety of pressures, techniques, and movements.

The techniques include manipulating, rubbing, and pressing muscles and other soft tissues with

hands and fingers. Facial massages are treatments that you can either get done from a

practitioner or do it on your own. The technique stimulates pressure points on the face,

neck and shoulders.

Facial massage helps with healthy skin, while also relaxes your facial muscles. The relaxing

and rejuvenating effect of the massage will help you look and feel better. Whether your

reason for getting a facial massage is purely relaxation or for treating a specific condition,

there are several different techniques you can try. You can contact a massage center for

massage in Brussels for a rejuvenating experience.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of a facial massage:

There are several different types of facial massages with techniques that you can do on your

or with the help of a professional. One of the primary benefits of facial massage is its ability

to improve the overall appearance of skin.


According to a study conducted in 2017 concluded that facial massage with a stimulating

device and cream on the face and neck for 8 weeks can improve wrinkles, skin texture and

sagging. The study also looked at the effects of facial massage on skin samples. The samples

were massaged using an anti-aging device for 10 days, twice a day for 1 minute. The device

had an enhanced anti-aging effect on the skin compared with untreated skin samples.


Stimulating the skin through massage helps promote blood circulation, reducing the

appearance of acne. There are some people who swear by an olive oil massage to treat

acne. However, the results vary for everyone, therefore, it is important to test this out on a

small area before massaging the entire face. It is important that you avoid any harsh

motions or exfoliants especially in areas where the skin is more sensitive.

Glowing skin

If you want bright and glowing skin, a good facial massage is what you need. Research has

shown that 59% of women who had a facial massage reported feeling fresh and

rejuvenated. 54% of women reported supple skin and 50% also experienced skin tightening.

There is plenty of evidence which shows that stimulating your facial muscles can help

tighten skin, boost circulation, and relieve tight muscles.

Improve blood flow

Facial massage rollers have a positive effect on the blood flow of the skin which helps

improve the overall appearance of skin. A 5-minute facial with a massage roller increases

blood flow to the area. Consistently massaging the skin significantly improves its overall


Facial massages help relieve tension while also improve skin health. A relaxing massage will help with relieve stress and improve your body’s energy flow for healthier and

glowing skin.

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