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What to Expect from a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stones massage is a type of treatment that is growing in popularity, and you can find

several day at Shape Care Therapy. It is a kind of massage therapy that helps individuals

relax tensed or damaged muscles and tissues in the body. It is becoming very famous and has

multiple benefits.

What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is a type of massage in which the masseuse will apply hot stones to your

body. Smooth, flat, and heated stones are used during the massage. The stones are heated

between 130-145 degrees. It depends on the area of the body they are being used on. When

used on the extremities, the stones feel cold, which is the opposite of when they are used at

the back of the feet. These body parts can handle more heat. A hot stone massage is very

relaxing and soothing.

What to expect from a hot stone massage?

River Rocks or Smooth Surfaced Stones

The hot stone massage is incomplete without rocks and stones. Massage therapy in Brussels

mostly use smooth surfaced stones that are made of basalt or they use river rocks. Both hold

the heat inside the stone.

Place on Specific Areas

As the name specifies, a hot stone massage therapy uses hot stones on both sides of the spine,

legs, abdomen, and feet. It takes some time for the heat to penetrate through the towel. It

helps the client in recognizing if the stones are very hot. Hot massages are proven to be

helpful in easing and warming up the musculature of the client.

Massage Oil

Your massage therapist will apply oil on the back and arms so the stones can be moved over

the skin smoothly.

Hot Stone Massage

Your massage therapist in Brussels will hold the stones in both hands and glide them in

different movements. The preferred technique is the Swedish massage technique, especially if

the neck, back, shoulders, and legs are involved.

The stones are either removed or in one place. The therapist usually keeps moving the stone

so it does not feel very hot. The speed is such that you don’t find it very hot. Make sure you

communicate it to them if you have a low threshold to high temperatures and heat.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage has the following benefits

1. It helps in relieving muscle tension and pain

2. It reduces anxiety and stress

3. It promotes sleep

4. Helps in relieving symptoms of autoimmune disease

5. Decreases the symptoms of cancer

6. Boost’s immunity


Hot stone massage is very helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. It promotes relaxation and

eases muscle tension. Massage therapy has a very powerful impact. You can book it online

with Shape Care therapy.

To make it a positive experience, always go to someone who is trained.

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